Thanks...and Sorry

For lending us these abattoirs with endless stalls of meat
For rending us these waterways into which we excrete

Bye-bye blue whales, bye-bye narwhals, hawksbills, dolphin, salmon, cod…

Thank you for the wondrous and varied forms of life that replenish themselves
for us to consume
Thank you for giving us the desire to kill
almost equalled by so much that lives

For giving us what cleverness you need
to burn your house
right down

Bye-bye great apes, bye-bye lions, polar bear, rhino and wolves
We'll keep your memory alive

Thank you for a bottomless ocean.  Thank you for this spacious planet
which takes so many to fill, and for the deep places and for the dark places
where no one lives still, for we'll need them one day
Grant us dominion over all the universe
and place at our disposal all the resources your munificence can conceive
to use as unsparingly as we have this earth

Thanks…and sorry
Thanks…and sorry
We'll be sure to shut the door behind us on this mess (whatever's left)

Thanks for bushmeat, thanks for oil
Thanks for all that air and soil
Thank you for keeping us truly ignorant of the force through which our own
bodies heal and clean themselves so that maiming, torturing,
imprisoning other creatures will never seem too grave a crime
And thank you for turning away those seconds that we need
to expunge our neighbours
Let God and our religion keep us separate from them
For the holocaust of animals there is no Yad Vashem