Something (that feels) New

Someone is fighting outside our door
the cricket and the wind chime
I couldn't say who's winning
but what's lost is time

The breeze through the open window
washing over our naked skin
Your fingers reach to touch me
and then we begin-we begin
something that feels new

You look at me speculatively
I answer back your gaze
What use is human language
if your heart's full of praise-
heart's full of praise, for something
something that feels new?

Did it only take five million years
of natural selection
to create a face like yours?

The rest of the humans chase around
like lunatic chimpanzees
full of their self-importance
(I guess that's our disease)
But right now we don't mean anything
we're part of the landscape here
This is our chance to get a sense of
how things once were
how things were, when the world
when the world was new
the world was new