Rubber balls on concrete walls
Skipping ropes on gravel paths
Things unsaid
Bills unpaid
Candlelight and Epsom baths
So the time flows by
And you bob like a paper boat

Moon and star
Bug in jar
Showing everyone your scar
Minding store
Wanting more
No further now you've come this far

Like a lonely wolf
That howls at a pregnant moon
On a hill surrounded by unseen eyes

Your past lies like a broken car
Abandoned on an empty street
You drive by from time to time
With a strange sense of defeat
But you move on, there's some-
One to meet

You watch your children sleeping
And somehow you forget
The panic of passing time
The illusion of the closing net:
Just the simple grace
Of their eyelids and their face
As their dreams convey them
To some warm place

Rubber balls
Concrete walls
Skipping ropes on gravel paths