Dragonfly hovering by
Pine top in Muskoka sky
While I just lie
On my back trying to take it all in

For three hundred million years
They have hovered there and here
Since long before
We were a gleam in somebody's eye
Don't even try
To guess how long they have been here
Or before we all will be gone

Sunshine rays on my face
Through the needles makes my heart race
And I can't quite place
Where I begin and the universe ends
Where it will start, when it will end
Is anyone's guess
Instead of no, only say yes
Only say yes

Moon on river, cricket sing
And I've got this crazy feeling that
I could survive just about anything:
There's no magic in this, no illusion or sleight of hand
Only the heart making its normal demand

Just pretend to have God's eye
Or the sight of any fly
Look down on you as if from the dragonfly's
Point of view
Sometimes survival trumps happiness

Instead of no, only say yes
Only say yes