I seen you in your Canadiens
Sweatshirt in the sun
You were so not aware
Of what a babe you were

I don't have words
To say it right
But you looked really good

You really looked
Real good

I don't mind the missing teeth
You don't mind that I'm a thief
We both beat real bad odds

I clutch you in my arm
I lost the other one to my buddy's hunting gun-
And if I screwed around on you
You'd tear the other arm off too

I love you now, I always will
I would not have a clue who else could love me
But you
I know I'm not real bright, I never do what's right
But what else can I do?
I used to think I was a loser
Until I seen your Daddy's Girl tattoo

I don't have to get drunk to be with you
I love you
At least that's what they call it where I'm from