I got an email from a friend in Mississauga
It said you'd died a lonely man in California
You were so dark, but the world
is darker without you in it
        Without you
in it

Your reaction to a eulogy would be a hollow laugh
Your world unravelled but this world
is a psychopath, whose will's inviolable
whose heart's undaunted that war's never over
because no one really wants it

The lunatics have seized control and thrown
the warden out. They kicked the exits open
with a wild, triumphant shout
And here we kneel incapable while field and river burn:
they murdered almost everyone; we're waiting for our turn

Most poets die before their bodies stop breathing
thinking too deeply, after all,
shows poor breeding.  But you
were probably the kind of guy
who thought the party started
at the moment you left

Somnambulic zombies
we're blindsided by pornographies and phoney realities
(that's what you get on your TVs)
And so it goes that we are systematically
dismantled by an idiot

I got an email from a friend in Mississauga
it said you'd died a punctured man in California