Seems to be lonely now
It's catching like a flu
I hope I don't get it from you

Maybe I've got too much time to think--
The alternative's too hard: what a drag
Watching TV isn't a job

Watch the notch between
Your eyes deepening
With all the shit you go through
Life's a series of accommodations to
Things you'd rather not do

Maybe I'll call my friend Jessica--
we're not as close as we were
but we talk (at least once)
every ten years.  Flares
occasionally go up
to show you where you are...

Carry on    as the wagons burn
Carry on    while the widows yearn
Carry on    there is still so much to learn

Sometimes I wonder if spirits age
in heaven or in hell
and if so, do they age well?
I don't envy Jesus Christ at all:
it must be a tedious job
to keep all those demands straight in your mind

Souls congregate over these lines
That don't even exist

Carry on    as beliefs collide
Carry on    through this deicide
Carry on    till there's nowhere left to hide
Carry on    so what if God paused?
Carry on    through this holocaust
Carry on    even though your cause be lost